Being in my current relationship has allowed me to improve certain relationship skills and identify other general skills that have proven to be problematic. So if I were to start anew I would begin with this confession:

*stands up*

Hello, My name is Simone.

I am selfish, unfair, and I have a tight grip on my money. The three are apparently puzzle pieces to one another. I also stand firmly on my beliefs even if they don’t make sense to you, but I heard someone say that favor doesn’t make sense to ordinary. Often times I act (despite how I feel) as if I’m being attacked when it comes to criticism I don’t agree with.

If it’s not business related, I tend to be a very indecisive and difficult in general. Because of such qualities or characteristics, when my relationship comes to a fork in the road I’m so torn and confused. I feel like every thought or statement is so unclear and thus painful.


After reflecting on these facts I feel like he is stupid for loving me and that I don’t deserve him. Maybe I just need to deal with myself instead of continuing to make him suffer through my foolishness. I don’t want to say that I can’t or won’t change; I just give up too easily sometimes so I don’t want to make promises only to disappoint him later.