So lately I’ve noticed that I am not fond of wearing shoes; closed-toed shoes more specifically. When I’m not wearing shoes, I love to wear socks; not just plain socks though. I like high socks with weird patterns, extra low cut socks, purple socks, polka dot socks, neon colored socks, socks with stripes, socks that fit just right. I even bought a pack of three socks that didn’t match, but they were very colorful. Socks are just so comfy and cool.

Anywho, like I was saying, closed-toed shoes are not my “style”. I thought it might be the summertime that encouraged me to wear sandals frequently, but that didn’t add up. I actually remembered my mom saying how I would come home from daycare with no bows in my hair and NO SHOES on my feet! Then I realized, I never liked wearing shoes. I think it’s because they make my feet sweaty and I think sweat is gross lol. If they’re not sweaty, they’re just hot and that makes my whole body hot. Sometimes that triggers my asthma. {EPIPHANY: Wearing shoes leads to death!! jk jk}. But really though, I like the liberation of my toeies! I would like to wear sneakers and stuff especially for work, but socks and sandals [not to together] just fit me more.