So I recently got involved in a mentoring program for incoming freshmen at my university. Yesterday we received the names of our mentees and were given the assignment of making posters with our group name on it. [My original name was submitted after the deadline so they assigned me “Poetic Justice”, after the movie I never saw].  So I made this pretty sign:

Today was MEET YOUR MENTOR DAY and before I get into those details I will say this; Being an Resident Assistant, I was scheduled to work 1p-5p but it was the same time as the MYMD so I switched to the earlier shift, 9a-1p. Even then, I had to leave early so I could be on time for the event. So when I get there, the mentors are all in a room holding up our posters so our mentees, who are unidentifiable, can find us by our group name. 20 minutes passed and I was probably the only mentor sitting alone. The event started with a mini talent show and I was up first. I did my little poem and others did skits. Halfway through the show, I am approached by Carla; the only mentee to show up. It made me feel a little bit better–until she left 30 mintues afterwards. I was initially feeling nervous from having to perform and now I was discourage from continuing in the program. The event wasn’t mandatory so I kinda feel un-needed and more so disappointed because I got my hopes up.

I did manage to exchange numbers with Carla, but I have no other way of getting in contact with the others. When I talked to my supervisor about it, she suggested that I look up there emails on our university’s system. However, when I went to my room in search of the list, I realized it was misplaced and possibly thrown away by someone who was in my room yesterday.  Now I don’t know what to do or how to feel (besides a mildly sad). I’m open for suggestions, otherwise this story made for a great first blog.